The Great Snowball fight~ Giveaway!!!

SMASH!!! I got hit by the great snowball!!!!


Are you following The Great Snowball Fight of 2014???

You should be! It’s #40DaysOfGiveAways!!!

Wendy’s Bookcase started by throwing to MHZ Book Reviews & Giveaways who threw to Karen Pokras Toz who hit Scott Prussing Author who smacked Becki Brannen Author whose creamed Crystal B Clifton who in turn, smashed Brandelyn at The Swag Shop who hit Cassie at Cassie’s Crafty Creations who smacked that ball at Christy Sloat Author who wacked Kathi S Barton who then slung over and hit Author Nadege Richards, who then slammed Alicia Michael’s V-Card, who plastered Amy Richie who just bombed Karri Thompson, who just slammed Author Melina Turner, who then hit Nely Cab, who decided to evilly smash a snowball right on Cindy Springsteen’s face, who then chucked the ball wildly over to Stone Soup Designs who stoned Author Brian Bigelow who slammed Author Brandelyn Harris who yes, just smacked Alicia Michaels, who chucked that snowball right at Author Natalie Finnigan who laughed and sent it flying at JM Zuniga Author, who chucked a mighty hard snowball at Lee Ryder who ducked through while the snowball pelted JK Accinni! JK thought more needed to join, so last night she got S Cu’Anam Policar, who chucked that darn snowball right at C.L. Pardington, who then hit Angela Crandall Author. Angela swung at it and it came flying over to Girls With Books, who then smashed it in D. Love’s face. D is over winter so she frustratingly threw it at Jenna Pizzi who smashed Vickie Johnstone, Author who hit Aileen Stewart who slammed Author Tara Brown, who flung that snowball right at Stacey Rourke who got flustered and hit Miro the Dragon who hit Bebe Lennox who creamed Anchor Group Publishing who slammed me, Momma Meg!

So, how about a Snowball Giveaway?!? Look just below to see how to win!!

This giveaway is for a journal, relaxation kit, and some $0.99 eBooks.

Simply share, and comment with your favorite way to relax. Tell friends… That’s all you have to do to be entered in.

Stay tuned tonight to see who I hit with a snowball tonight. Once hit they have to offer a giveaway as well!

-Wordpress/Facebook and it’s entities are in no way responsible for, coordinating with, or associated to this giveaway. It is a private giveaway and they are NOT responsible for the outcome-

7 thoughts on “The Great Snowball fight~ Giveaway!!!

  1. A bath, music, candles, and a book! The only thing I miss at the old house, my giant garden tub. I need to figure out how to redo this one to fit one!! Or an antique claw! That would do too!!

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