Review: The Visitors Series By: Author Christy Sloat

My original plan was to read The visitors series one at a time and review them individually.  I wasn’t expecting to OBSESS over them and read 2 books and a novella in 2 days!


My overall review of this series is fantastic! As I’ve said before, I will always tell you my true opinion and review, so I must say that there are some editing (spelling, grammar) errors.  Although, It’s not enough to interfere with reading. The Visitors Series is such a dynamic read.  It’s got love, happiness, sadness, fear, ghosts, failure, conquest; it literally has everything you’d want.It’s an easy read, and the fact that it’s well written and detailed makes it easy to visualize.  It’s the perfect read, I highly recommend these books.

 All information on how to purchase these books will be linked below!


Warning…there will be spoilers from this point on:


The Brown House starts with an introduction to your main character, Brylee Branson.  She’s a young girl who’s been forced to leave her home town in California and move to a much smaller town in New Jersey after her father looses his job.  When she gets to Jersey she meets Lynley Mayhew, and her brother Ephraim (who’s a total hottie ;)).

Brylee is told that her house, commonly referred to as the Brown House, is haunted, but she doesn’t believe in ghosts and the nonsense people are spewing at her.  She tries to figure out any way to write off the strange things that begin to happen to her and her family, but when she fails she brings in the Mayhews for help.  Ephraim and Brylee become close; extremley close, and her friendship with Lynley grows.

Brylee discovers she has the ability to communicate with spirits who have yet to cross over.  That’s when she meets a young ghost, Pearl Brown, who’s trapped in her house. In an effort to help Pearl cross over she must release the curse that’s keeping the Brown’s spirits trapped in the old house.  What happens when they finally get the key that unlocks the truth?  The curse is not released, but passed on to the Mayhews!


The Crimson Key focuses on Brylee trying to save the love of her life and her best friend.  She must find the Barclay sisters, the witches that placed the curse on the Browns and now passed it down to the Mayhews.

Brylee struggles with her “gift” and has to seek help.   She finds a tarot card reader, Hala.  She agrees to help Brylee, but Brylee must return the favor.  Through this journey she meets several spirits, all of whom she wants to help pass on, but she MUST focus on saving Ephraim and Lynley.

Lynley’s health begins to deteriorate.  She’s not herself, she’s covered in hives, she barley speaks to Brylee, and she becomes more and more detached from life in general.  All effects of the vicious curse, that causes its victims to succumb to self induced death.  Ephraim is hearing spirits, he’s seeing things he shouldn’t and it petrifies Brylee to think about not having a future with him.

When Brylee’s parents tell her they want to move back to California she proclaims her independence and refuses to leave her new life.  She does however agree to go visit her grandparents.  Brylee and her parents are set to leave shortly after Ephraim graduates high school.

Before they get the chance Lynley’s mental state declines and she scaldes herself to the point of needing hospitalization.  Brylee makes a trip to the hospital and says goodbye to her dear friend before leaving for California.

The whole time Brylee is in California she is distracted with the thought that she might not make it back in time to save Lynley and Ephraim.  The only thing that helps is that the spirit of Ethan, a boy Brylee nearly dated in California who had died in a car crash, was still around.  Brylee uses her skills and helps him pass on, she helps his parents find closure.

With no warning, Brylee gets a very important message from Hala.  A picture of one of the Barclay sisters.  What she sees is shocking, its Mrs. Mayhew, Lynley and Ephraims own mother.  She hops on the first plane she can find and heads back to New Jersey.  When she gets there, she’s to late and Lynley and Ephraim are in the Brown house with their “mother”.

She’s to late, Lynley has overdosed at the hands of her own mother.  Ephraim has been tied up, but is uninjured.  Brylee kills Ephraims mother, the Barclay witch, leaves her spirit in the corner room of the house, and locks the door as quickly as possible!

Lynley is dead, but will she be able to pass on?  Mrs. Mayhew has presumably left town, and Ephraim is all alone.  Brylee asks her parents if he can live with them, and after much persuasion they agree.

What will be next for Brylee, Lynley, Kayla, Ephraim?  When will Hala call on Brylee to repay her?


Safe to read from this point forward: NO SPOILERS


 If you are reading the visitors series this book is a MUST read!  When we meet Kayla in The Brown House, we just think she’s some punk/Goth kid with electric blue hair.

 This book gives you a look at who Kayla really is, what happened to her, and a bit of idea as to why she hasn’t crossed over.  You learn that Kayla battled depression, but she was also VERY happy, and loved.

 This book gives you details into the tragic accident that took her life.  Something meant to be a joke didn’t turn out so funny.

 The 3rd book in the series was just released “The White Door” I’ll read and review that shortly 🙂

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