Super Bowl Sunday!


I’m a born and raised Seahawks girl, so when I heard they were going to the Super Bowl I planned a little get together with family and friends.  I had planned on doing a full out nail tutorial, but the base polish (bonbons) ended up giving me some trouble, so I decided I’ll just do a quick run through and post a bit about how we celebrated!


Of course I painted my nails to rep the Hawks.  I started with a green base of the BonBons green polish.  (Note:finding anything in Seattle colors was impossible).



(the little man helped :))


After my nails had fully dried we cut (or pulled) pieces of tape into the size we wanted.



I then painted the exposed nail in Pure Ice blue.


After the blue dried, I simply took off the tape. And this was the result:


(sorry about this picture quality, not sure what happened, but you get the idea)

We then (my dad helped too :)) added a dash of white.


This is the end result before I cleaned up the *oopsies* with a q-tip and nail polish remover.

I did a Hawk inspired eye using an E.L.F pallet I bought on clearance after Christmas 2 years ago!


We had 15-20 people there, and we had a huge spread for game time!  I made indian tacos with homemade fry bread, taquitos, chips, dip, lil smokeys, hot wings, and cupcakes!


I’m super proud of our boys for winning!!!  Hope everyone got to watch the game.

Much love~Meg


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